The Tower 

      Garden facilities

A beautiful garden full of flowers and aromatic bushes surrounds the house; from here you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and the mountains at breakfast and lunch, and in the evenings the cool air from the hills and the woods will refresh and delight you after the long hours spent in the sunlight. With the garden lamps off, you will be amazed by an unbelievable starry sky, no surrounding lights or noises to disturb this wonderful view! 

Near the pool a stone table shadowed by a lovely pergola of grapevine and wisteria is surrounded by rose bushes; the annexed brick barbecue will help you cook delicious Italian meals for your friends and family.

The swimming pool, 17 meters (56 foot) of turquoise water, enjoys the view of the surrounding woods and mountains, in total quiet and privacy. Chaise-longues, sunbeds and large sun umbrellas arranged around the pool invite you for relax and suntanning.

Bikes will challenge you to try a spin on the hills or into town.